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Litigation Support

The accountant, as no one else, can provide indispensable support when it comes to litigation involving financial matters. Accounting knowledge, by itself, does not win the case or give you the complete picture. Our team of dedicated professionals has diverse capabilities, expertise, education and training. We have the experience necessary to present financial information to a court in a manner that is clear, persuasive and accurate. With over 30 years of experience, our team of CPAs, ASA and ABV experts are uniquely qualified to assist you in both assessing your case as well as effectively presenting it to the court.

Terry Lockridge & Dunn litigation support is comprehensive. We work with attorneys, business brokers and other financial advisors to interpret financial information and prepare expert reports needed to support your case.

At Terry Lockridge & Dunn, we are committed to independence, integrity, and objectivity by upholding the ethical standards of professional organizations and complying with regulatory standards. 

For more information on Litigation Support, contact Mike Mesch. He can be reached in Cedar Rapids at (319) 364-2945 or Iowa City at (319) 339-4884. Additionally, feel free to use our Contact Us online form.

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