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1031 Tenant in Common (TIC) Exchange

Interested in upgrading your property holdings and eliminating mundane, day-to-day property management tasks? Want to sell an investment property and defer taxes on capital gains?

A 1031 TIC exchange is just that—the exchange of a current investment property for shared ownership of an investment property of equal or greater value. To encourage this type of investment, capital gains taxes on the sale of your current investment property are deferred. By exchanging your existing property for a fractional interest in a TIC property you gain shared ownership in larger, institutional-grade properties. Through fractional ownership, equity can also be diversified among several property types and locations.

Each TIC investor is named on the property deed and considered a direct owner of the real estate. Investors possess undivided interests in the property or designated interests of differing sizes. The income, tax benefits and appreciation of the property are all shared in proportion to investor ownership as well as the risks of property ownership. TIC investment properties employ professional asset and onsite property management, guided by a TIC agreement that establishes the governance of the property and the decisions requiring a vote by the property owners.

Real Specialists

Terry Lockridge & Dunn has a team of experienced professionals who are specialists in the 1031 TIC exchange. Our expertise is important because of the complex nature of the 1031 exchange process and TIC investments. There are stringent time constraints with significant tax consequences if deadlines are not met.

We work with you one-on-one during each step of the exchange process. First, we provide access to a wide selection of investment grade properties. Then, we carefully research the properties, conducting several layers of due diligence to identify those properties best suited for you. At each step in the process we ensure that all IRS scheduled requirements and deadlines are met. 

For more information on 1031 Tenant In Common (TIC) Exchange, contact Todd Helle. He can be reached in Cedar Rapids at (319) 364-2945 or Iowa City at (319) 339-4884. Additionally, feel free to use our Contact Us online form. 

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