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QuickBooks® 2012 No Longer Supported
July 21, 2015

As is QuickBooks®' policy, they only support the current version of their product and the two previous versions. This means if you are currently on 2012 or earlier versions, it is no longer supported.

Tax Tip of the Week
July 17, 2015

The tax tip of the week will provide you with current tax information, tax-cutting suggestions, and tax reminders.

2015 Midyear Tax Planning Letter Posted
June 29, 2015

We have posted the 2015 Midyear Tax Planning Letter on our website! Topics include: Ideas to consider for saving on your 2015 taxes, Health insurance reform, and To itemize or not?

Taxes & Marriage: The Second Time Around
June 29, 2015

Wedding bells bring rejoicing – and financial changes. If you are marrying for the second time, the changes might seem overwhelming. There are estate issues, alimony or child support obligations and other matters to consider.

4 Tax Deductions/Losses That Can Be Carried Forward or Back
June 29, 2015

Although the tax code contains some exceptions, income is generally taxable in the tax year received and expenses are claimed as deductions in the year paid. But "carryforwards" and "carrybacks" have special rules.

Terry Lockridge & Dunn Ranked #6 on CBJ Coolest Places to Work List
June 29, 2015

The Corridor Business Journal held its recognition breakfast on June 16th. We made a video for this year's banquet!

A New Twist on IRS Audits
June 29, 2015

The IRS has recently been sending out examination letters that limit the amount of time the taxpayer is given to respond. These are known as Short Timeframe Audits. In some cases, as little as 15 days are provided for you to contact the IRS and pro

Terry Lockridge & Dunn Named a Coolest Places to Work Honoree
May 27, 2015

The Corridor Business Journal sponsors this annual award to identify and honor local companies that have created the most engaging and rewarding work environments.

New Tax Scams - Same General Rule
May 27, 2015

Each year, tax scammers continue to come up with new creative ways to deceive taxpayers into providing information in order to steal from them. If you ever receive an unsolicited call or email, please remember these facts.

FBAR Deadline is Approaching
May 27, 2015

If you have money or other assets in foreign bank or financial accounts and the total value of your accounts exceeded $10,000 at any time during 2014, you may be required to file a Treasury Department report known as the FBAR.

Health Savings Accounts - 2016 Cost of Living Adjustments Announced
May 27, 2015

The IRS has announced the 2016 cost of living adjustments for qualified health savings accounts.

3 Tips to Get Your Business Back on Track
April 30, 2015

Turning around an existing business takes humility and a willingness to make hard choices. If your company has lost its way, consider these three tips.

Buying or Selling a Business - What You Need to Know
April 30, 2015

Are you thinking about buying or selling a business? Mike Mesch discusses what you need to know.

Budget Issues Cut the Number of IRS Tax Audits
April 30, 2015

The IRS reports that its enforcement budget has been cut by $254 million, a 5% reduction from the previous year. As a result, the agency expects to cut the number of individual and business audits it conducts.

Tax Return Identity Theft - What To Do Next If You Are A Victim
March 31, 2015

If you have been subject to tax return identity theft, you are not alone. According to IRS statistics, just two years ago $6.5 billion of fraudulent refunds ended up in the wrong hands.

Poetry in Public
March 30, 2015

In celebration of literacy, Poetry in Public publishes a variety of poetry written by area residents. For the second year in a row, our founder, Tim Terry has had a poem selected for display.

Required Minimum Distributions - Do Not Make These Common Rookie Mistakes
March 27, 2015

April 1, 2015 marks the last day you are able to make your required minimum distribution for those who reached the age of 70 1/2 in 2014. This article will discuss some of the common mistakes made with the first required minimum distribution.

Saving and Paying for College
March 27, 2015

Paula Rogers, CPA, discusses 529 plans as well as the various tax credits and tax deductions available as you save/pay for college.

Gifting Appreciated Stock Can Result in Two Different Tax Treatments
March 27, 2015

Here are a few things to consider when making gifts of appreciated stock you have held more than one year.

To Grow or Not to Grow?
March 27, 2015

To grow or not to grow is a decision most successful small businesses face at some point. There can be opportunity and profit in growth, but there can be perils and risks as well.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Tax Paperwork
March 27, 2015

It is spring cleaning time, and that includes your tax paperwork. Here are some recordkeeping guidelines that will help you.

Do You Need to File a 2014 Tax Return?
February 26, 2015

Taxes are a frequent topic of conversation at this time of year, and a common question is, who has to file a tax return? The rules for filing 2014 tax returns are straightforward for most people.

If You Do Not Offer Group Health Insurance - Be Aware of the Rules
February 26, 2015

Employers who reimburse employees for their individual health insurance policies may find themselves in violation of the "market reform" restrictions in the Affordable Care Act.

Major Sponsor for Annual One Book Two Book Children's Literature Festival
February 26, 2015

Our two firms support literacy in the Corridor through out involvement in the Little Free Libraries in Cedar Rapids and our support for the UNESCO City of Literature annual event that is happening March 6 - 8 in Iowa City.

529 ABLE - A New Way is Coming to Save for the Disabled
February 26, 2015

The "Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014" includes a section that authorizes tax-favored accounts for disabled individuals who can use the money in these accounts to pay for qualified expenses.

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