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Tax Tip of the Week
July 18, 2014

The tax tip of the week will provide you with current tax information, tax-cutting suggestions, and tax reminders.

Iowa Sales Tax Holiday 2014
June 30, 2014

The 15th annual Iowa Sales tax holiday on select clothing and footwear is set for Friday, August 1st and Saturday, August 2nd. Click here to see what items are tax exempt during this two day period.

Three Areas Ripe for a Midyear Business Review
June 25, 2014

Now is the perfect time to perform a check-up on your business, evaluate your goals, and plan ahead for year end.

Manage Your 2014 Tax Bill with Summertime Tax Planning
June 25, 2014

Summertime: the season for sun, sandals, and tax planning. Kick back in your lounge chair and review the following suggestions for easing your 2014 federal income tax bill.

QuickBooks® 2011 No Longer Supported
June 25, 2014

As is QuickBooks®' policy, they only support the current version of their product and the two previous versions. This means if you are currently on 2011 or earlier versions, it is no longer supported.

Refinancing Your Home Mortgage...Consider More Than Just the Rate
June 25, 2014

It may be a good time to consider refinancing your home loan, but simply comparing interest rates is not enough. Here are some other factors to consider before you refinance.

Marriage: Tax Penalty or Bonus?
June 25, 2014

This is the traditional season for weddings. If you are planning a wedding this summer, you should take a look at how marriage could affect your tax bill.

Take Steps to Deal with the Medicare Surtaxes
June 25, 2014

Since January 1, 2013, employees and self-employed people have owed an additional 0.9% surtax on earned income. Investment income exceeding certain thresholds has been subjected to a 3.8% Medicare surtax.

Useful Financial App - Reviewed by Tory Meiborg, President and Partner at World Trend Financial
June 25, 2014

While it seems summer has just begun, we are less than 2 months from college students returning to their respective campuses. This month's review of financial apps focuses on four that I believe can be extremely useful for those students.

Do You Need to File the FBAR?
May 30, 2014

So you included Form 8938 with your 2013 federal income tax return to report your interest in certain foreign financial accounts. Do you also need to file a separate Treasury Department report known as the FBAR?

World Trend Financial Moves up the List!
May 30, 2014

For the third year in a row, World Trend Financial has been honored as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Corridor!

How the Affordable Care Act Fees Impact Your Bottom Line
May 30, 2014

The revenue generating portion of the Affordable Care Act included a number of new fees for insurance carriers and self-insured employers. The insurance carriers have passed them along to the employers of group health plans.

3 Tax Planning Tips for Summer Jobs
May 30, 2014

Summer not only ushers in warmer weather, but also means children are out of school and your son or daughter may be looking for a part time job. Here are a few tips and planning ideas to help save you time, money and taxes.

Useful Financial App - Reviewed by Tory Meiborg, President and Partner at World Trend Financial
May 30, 2014

Each month, I outline an app for mobile devices that I believe can offer value to clients. This month, we are looking at Expensify, an app targeted to the business market.

Important Development if You Receive Military Retirement Benefits
May 30, 2014

Governor Terry Branstad signed Senate File 303 on May 26, 2014, which provides for the exclusion of military retirement benefits from Iowa individual income tax - retroactive to January 1, 2014.

Linn County Financial Literacy Fair
May 30, 2014

Tory Meiborg, Rob Myers and Brad Haverback of World Trend spent a few hours during May helping out with the Linn County Financial Literacy Fair.

Little Free Libraries Initiative
May 30, 2014

Terry Lockridge & Dunn and World Trend Financial announced their initiative to populate the Wellington Heights neighborhood of Cedar Rapids with Little Free Libraries on May 10th. The firms will provide the resources to launch the project.

Little Free Libraries Initiative Announced
May 08, 2014

Terry Lockridge & Dunn and World Trend Financial announced their initiative to populate the Wellington Heights neighborhood with Little Free Libraries. The firms will provide the resources to launch the project.

World Trend Financial Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Corridor
April 29, 2014

We were recently notified by the Corridor Business Journal that World Trend Financial will be recognized at an awards breakfast for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Corridor - for the 3rd year in a row!

Do Your Tax Payments Need Adjusting?
April 29, 2014

If you got a big tax refund or owed the IRS a lot of money when you filed your 2013 tax return, it may be time to adjust your income tax withholding.

IRS Changes Position on Rules Surrounding IRA Rollovers
April 29, 2014

Effective January 1, 2015, the rules regarding IRA rollovers will be different than what the IRS has established in the past.

Will the New
April 29, 2014

After years of work, the IRS has finally issued regulations clarifying for the business community when costs related to fixed assets must be capitalized and when they can be expensed.

IRS Audits: What You Should Know
April 29, 2014

Now that your 2013 income tax return has been filed, life is good, right? Maybe not if you get a notice in the mail from the IRS. But you can reduce your likelihood of being audited, or if you are selected, of being billed.

Creative Accountants
April 01, 2014

Accountants have long been stereotyped as “number crunchers”. And, the phrase “creative accounting” generally raises a few eyebrows. However, our founder, Tim Terry’s poem entitled “Spring” has been selected for Iowa City’s 2014 Poetry in Public pr

Beware of Tax Scams!
March 26, 2014

Spring has arrived and so have new tax scams. The most important thing to remember is the IRS does not make phone calls, or send emails to taxpayers without prior written contact.

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