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Tax Tip of the Week
March 02, 2015

The tax tip of the week will provide you with current tax information, tax-cutting suggestions, and tax reminders.

Do You Need to File a 2014 Tax Return?
February 26, 2015

Taxes are a frequent topic of conversation at this time of year, and a common question is, who has to file a tax return? The rules for filing 2014 tax returns are straightforward for most people.

If You Do Not Offer Group Health Insurance - Be Aware of the Rules
February 26, 2015

Employers who reimburse employees for their individual health insurance policies may find themselves in violation of the "market reform" restrictions in the Affordable Care Act.

Major Sponsor for Annual One Book Two Book Children's Literature Festival
February 26, 2015

Our two firms support literacy in the Corridor through out involvement in the Little Free Libraries in Cedar Rapids and our support for the UNESCO City of Literature annual event that is happening March 6 - 8 in Iowa City.

529 ABLE - A New Way is Coming to Save for the Disabled
February 26, 2015

The "Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014" includes a section that authorizes tax-favored accounts for disabled individuals who can use the money in these accounts to pay for qualified expenses.

Time for a Five-step Business Review
February 26, 2015

If you own or manage your own business, you are probably busy monitoring operations and dealing wiht everyday problems. But there are a few things that you should make time to do every year.

2015 New Year Tax Planning Letter Posted
January 30, 2015

We have posted the 2015 New Year Tax Planning Letter on our website! Here are headlines from the letter.

Realtor and Developer Summit a Success!
January 30, 2015

More than 100 realtors, developers, contractors and other interested persons attended our first Realtor and Developer Summit on Wednesday, January 28th.

Possible Refund Delays for American Opportunity Tax Credit
January 30, 2015

This is not a new credit for the 2014 tax year; however, the IRS has indicated they may require more verification to be completed prior to issuing refunds this year.

Important Monthly Record Keeping in 2015 for Large Employers and the ACA
January 30, 2015

A great deal of monthly record keeping is now required for employyers of 50 or more full-time employees in 2015.

Millennials and Home Ownership - Is the Time Right?
January 30, 2015

The so-called millennial generation had the unfortunate timing of beginning their professional lives shortly before, or immediately following the economic crisis of 2008-2009. Events may lead young renters to reexamine becoming a home owner.

New Tax Forms on 2014 Tax Returns Related to Health Care
January 30, 2015

The preparation of 2014 individual income tax returns will debut two new forms related to the Affordable Care Act that some tax payers will need to file.

Willowwind School Honored by the Newtown, CT Kindness Foundation
January 30, 2015

We are pleased to share the announcement that Willowwind School is the recipient of the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award.

Realtor and Developer Summit
January 05, 2015

The tax and legal landscape is continually changing. Please join us on Wednesday, January 28, to learn from the experts at Terry Lockridge & Dunn and Pugh Hagan Prahm PLC.

Tax Time!
December 26, 2014

As the calendar turns over to 2015, the time is right to start gathering your tax information to file your 2014 tax returns.

Business Mileage Rate Increases for 2015
December 26, 2014

The IRS recently announced that the mileage rate for business driving in 2015 will be 57.5 cents a mile.

Some Retirement Contribution Limits Change for 2015
December 26, 2014

The contribution limits for retirement plans and income phase-out thresholds for plan eligibility are adjusted annually.

New in Taxes: IRS Announces Adjusted 2015 Tax Numbers
December 26, 2014

Each year the IRS adjusts certain tax numbers for inflation and tax law changes. Here are some of the adjusted numbers you will need for your 2015 tax planning.

Tim Terry Again Named to Corridor Business Journal's Most Influential List
December 02, 2014

Tim Terry's imprint on the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities was publicly recognized in the December 1, 2014 edition of the Corridor Business Journal. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments.

January 2015 Real Estate Conference - We Want Your Input!
December 01, 2014

Calling all realtors, developers and contractors! We want to cover the topics of most interest to you...from a legal, tax, financial or business viewpoint.

Boosting Your Roth IRA Contribution Through Your 401k
December 01, 2014

Taxpayers, especially those not qualified for direct Roth contributions can benefit from a recent IRS ruling regarding after-tax contributions to a qualified plan.

Your 2014 Last-Chance Financial Planning Checklist
December 01, 2014

The end of the year is an ideal time to examine your financial health and update your financial plans. Please take a few minutes to review the attached year-end planning checklist.

Avoid Phishing Attacks This Holiday Season
December 01, 2014

Phishing scams are designated to steal consumers' personal information. They often use doctored and fraudulent e-mail messages to trick recipients into divulging private information.

Gift vs. Inheritance - Important Tax Distinctions
December 01, 2014

If you receive an asset from a living person, you are receiving a gift; if you receive an asset because someone passed away, you are receiving an inheritance. There are important tax distinctions.

Get Ready for 2014 Form 1099 Filing
December 01, 2014

While you are wrapping up 2014, give yourself the gift of reduced stress in the New Year by getting a head start on January's information reporting responsibilities. Here are some preliminary steps to take.

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