Tax Tip of the Week

This week's tax tip: 5 tax reminders for gig economy workers

How Best to Celebrate Our 40th?

As we plan our 40th anniversary, we have revisited our commitment to our communities and asked our members to commit themselves to volunteer activities over the next year.

5 Things Every High School Senior Should Know

As the school year rolls into April, suddenly the realization sets in that high school seniors only have a few weeks left before graduation. Here are five things each graduate should understand before their big graduation day:

Relief Expanded for Underpayment of Estimated Individual Income Taxes for 2018

The IRS issued Notice 2019-25 on March that provides expanded relief for many taxpayers. Generally, the tax code requires tax payers to pay federal income taxes as they earn income, either through payroll withholdings or quarterly estimated tax payments.

Why Use QuickBooks Online

If you are starting a new business, or have been using the desktop version of QuickBooks for a few years, it might be time to consider using their online software called QuickBooks Online.