Realtors and Developers


We serve a large number of realtors and developers and are often asked to speak to their groups. Why is this? Well, we really understand the unique concerns and opportunities in this arena.

In 2015, we started the Realtor and Developer Summit as an annual gathering of like minded individuals to meet and learn more about tax, legal and business issues pertinent to them. In 2016, we added continuing education credit for licensed realtors that attend the Summit.


  • We can ensure you understand the various tax deductions and planning strategies that are important to you.
  • Provide you with tax tips to share with your residential and commercial clients.
  • Educate you about maximizing your retirement savings through a SEP (self-employed plan), a Uni-401k, a SIMPLE IRA or the traditional 401k plan are ways we look out for you.
  • We have recordkeeping guidelines for all of your business records.


  • The 1031 exchange is such an important tool to defer tax on property sales. We can explain in easy to understand terms for the first-timer, as well as execute the most advanced transactions.
  • The IRS has completely changed the rules surrounding capitalization of tangible property. We have the experts to guide you through these regulations.
  • Proper entity selection and determining when it is the right time to incorporate is critical for risk management, taxation and the ease of doing business.
  • Developing an Estate Plan for real estate owners provides many opportunities to protect your assets/heirs; save money on transfer taxes, capital gains, basis issues and probate costs; maximize the assets you can pass on to your heirs; and provide for the orderly transfer of assets.

We are focused on building wealth for real people, through real financial strategies, which provide real results.

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