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Marriage changes many things and the farthest thing from the newlywed’s minds is how their saying “I do” can affect their tax situation. However, marriage can have some major tax impacts and here are a few items that newly married couples should address.
As a small business, once you decide to extend credit to a customer, you now have a financial stake in continuing that relationship even if you suspect there might be trouble brewing. While you do not want to crack down on a good customer too hard, too soon, you also do not want to be taken advantage of by a customer who has become unable or unwilling to pay. Here are some ideas to help you manage this risk.
Knowing your net worth and understanding how it is changing over time is one of the most important financial concepts that everyone needs to understand. This number is used by banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies and you! Your net worth impacts your credit score, which in turn impacts your interest rates and things as mundane as the amount you pay for auto insurance.
With ever-changing tax laws, forecasting your tax obligation is now extremely difficult to do. To make matters worse, this uncertainty can create the need to write a large payment to the IRS and pay penalties to boot! Here are some suggestions to help you manage this for you and your family.
You may recognize the name Bitcoin and maybe even Ethereum, but what about Litecoin, Dogecoin or Ripple? These are just some of the more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies available today. There are hidden tax complications, associated with every cryptocurrency transaction. Here is what you need to know.
The recently passed American Rescue Plan Act contains several tax breaks for you and your family. This article discusses the new child tax credit and the child and dependent care credit in further detail.