Divorce Financial Planning

Suddenly Single: Navigating Your Way Through Divorce

Going from being a part of a couple to being on your own comes with significant emotional and financial challenges. With Savant by your side, you’ll have an advisor to listen as you discuss your situation, concerns, and vision for the future. Our goal is to help walk along the path with you through the financial triage to help you pick up the pieces and create a foundation for your new life.

Pre-Divorce Checklist

The end of a marriage often means big financial adjustments for both spouses. Take steps to collect and organize your information early in the divorce process to financially prepare and help maintain some control during this significant transition.

Savant Can Take Care of the Details While You Take Care of Yourself

As you go through the divorce process, you’ll need to make important financial decisions while you are feeling emotional stress. Our team of professionals can help prepare you for issues like attorney fees, Social Security decisions, and revising your estate plan and beneficiaries. Our goal is to help you feel more secure about having sufficient income to support your lifestyle.

Post-Divorce Checklist

After your divorce is finalized, there is still much to do. Savant’s Post-Divorce Checklist will help you remember these critically important steps to help secure your financial future.

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