Estate Planning

Isn't a Will all I need?

Even if you have a Will, proper titling of assets and beneficiary designations is critical. And, be honest, who was president the last time you reviewed your Will? Think of the changes that have happened in your life and your family since then.

We understand many people think estate planning is just for the “wealthy” or "older" people. However, anyone with assets (life insurance included), who is concerned about the distribution of them upon death or disability is in need of estate planning. In addition, if you have minor children, you want to make sure guardianship issues have been addressed in your estate plan. Considering the flux of events: changes in your financial situation, place of residence, family, health, changing tax laws, any estate plan should be revisited regularly.

Watch this short video by Mike Mesch on the basics of estate planning to start you thinking about your situation. Feel free to reach out to Mike at to set up an appointment today.