2017 Year-End Tax Planning Letter Posted

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Nov 01, 2017

We have just posted the 2017 Year-End Tax Planning Letter on our website. Here are the headlines from the letter. To read any of these articles, click on the link at the end of each description. You can also click the link at the bottom to see the entire letter.

5 Strategies to Shrink Your Tax Bill

If it looks like you are going to have a high tax bill this calendar year, consider five different options you have for reducing it. Continue reading.

Plan Now for a Smooth Filing Experience

As important tax records start filling mailboxes, how can you make sure your tax preparation goes smoothly and efficiently this year? Here are some tips. Continue reading.

How Early Roth IRA Funding Can Make Your Child a Millionaire

As a parent, you want to do whatever you can to make sure your child's future is financially secure. A twist on the typical Roth IRA may help. Continue reading.

Don't Count on These Tax Breaks for 2017

These tax breaks expired permanently in 2016. Find out which ones and whether or not you need to make adjustments for your 2017 taxes. Continue reading.

To read the full articles, click the link below:

2017 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

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