Iowa Biennial Reports Due for Corporations in 2018

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Feb 01, 2018


Every business in Iowa is required to file an annual report with the Iowa Secretary of State on a biennial (every other year) basis in order to remain in good standing with the state. This is the year for for-profit corporations. In the past, a post card or letter has been mailed to the registered agent for the business.

This year, the Iowa Secretary of State's office is sending the biennial report notice in the form of an email, if they have your email address on file. The email will be from the Iowa Secretary of State Business services with the subject line:2018 Biennial Report Notice.

The body of the email will have the words "Official Notice" on the top right-hand corner. It has the corporation number and a temporary code that is needed to log onto their website at to complete the report and submit the fee.

The report, and required fee, must be delivered by March 30, 2018 this year, due to April 1 being on Sunday. Failure to do so may result in administrative dissolution or revocation of the entity.

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