Reminder on Free Parking Options for Cedar Rapids Office Clients

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Aug 01, 2018

Parking is always free when you come to our offices. In Cedar Rapids, there are a couple of options for you.

We have reserved spots for you in the Town Centre ramp. It is located on 4th Avenue, right behind the building, and is the preferred option. You park protected from the elements and are steps away from our reception desk. To access the Town Centre ramp, stop at the bottom of the entrance ramp at the gate. (Do not worry that our name is not on the large Town Centre sign. It is an outdated sign and the landlord has a plan to take all the business names off.) Use the gray metal call box’s up and down arrows to find either TLD or World Trend. After you land on our name, press the green phone shaped button. You must press this green button for us to be able to open the gate. Do not call our office from your cell phone. Once you have pressed the green button, it rings to our office and you can let us know who you are coming to meet, or that you are dropping off information. The receptionist will lift the gate remotely. Proceed up the ramp and once inside the ramp, you will see a red door in front of you. Right past this red door, there are 8 parking spots on the left, with our blue and white signs posted on them, for you to use. Park your car and proceed to the glass double doors. There are 2 sets of them for you to walk through. Once inside the building, we are the first turn to the right, across from the elevators.

Another option is to park on the street. Do not pay the parking meter. Instead, note the parking space number on the orange sign (blue if you are in a handicapped space). If your spot does not have an orange or blue sign, then walk to the meter and note the parking space (not parking location) number that is affixed to the meter. If the number is missing, look to the parking meters to your left or right to determine your parking space number. They are numbered sequentially. Most of the parking spaces near us are for 2 hours, however, there are a few spaces with a 30-minute maximum, so please be aware. Come directly to our office, using the entrance at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street (221 3rd Avenue). Take the lobby elevator to the 2nd floor. The doors open at our suite. Let the receptionist know who you are coming to visit and give them your parking space number. We will pay for your parking space online.

Thank you for choosing Terry Lockridge & Dunn/World Trend Financial as your trusted advisors!

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