A Testament to a Great Team – Reflections on Our 42nd Anniversary

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Dec 01, 2020

By Tim Terry, Founder of Terry Lockridge & Dunn/World Trend Financial

Tim TerryThere is something audacious about starting an accounting firm at the age of twenty-four. Fortunately, in 1978 I quickly realized the need to surround myself with skilled professionals. I never cared about being the smartest person in the room. I just wanted the smartest people on my team.

Reflecting on the last forty-two years, I understand that decision has made all the difference. As the practices have grown, they have made us all even smarter. As an added bonus, they are younger and will continue to grow in their knowledge each year. Our team of forty-five continues to amaze me with their insights and desire to find a better solution to ever increasing financial challenges. Like their founder, they are focused on filling the room with the smartest people available. Their drive for professional excellence continues to offer a bright promise for the future of our organizations. It also makes me glad for the audacious leap I took forty-two years ago.

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