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Feb 01, 2021

By Cathy Johnson, CPA/CGMA Chief Administrative Officer and CFO Terry Lockridge & Dunn/World Trend Financial

Cathy JohnsonLast year we launched the Client Collaboration Hub as our online organizer tool. This year there are several enhancements that should make it an even more desirable method to provide your individual tax return information and documents to your accountant.

Our offices continue to be closed to traditional face to face tax interview appointments, limiting them to 15 minutes and instead promoting Zoom meetings. As a result, it is critical that your information has been delivered to us at least three days prior to your Zoom or in-person meeting. Also, instead of mailing or dropping off a completed paper organizer, you can complete and upload/deliver everything in the comfort of your home using the secure Client Collaboration Hub. The only requirement is that both the taxpayer and spouse have their own, unique email addresses.

Here are some of the enhancements to Client Collaboration Hub:

Schedule C and Schedule E Information
A new Business and Rental/Royalty tile has been added to the Organizer Questionnaire to capture income and expenses. The Business organizer is divided into the following sections: General, Income & Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses, Assets, Vehicles, Home Office, and Statutory Employee Expenses. Prior year proforma data will be pre-populated in client organizers.

Document Request List – Show Only Missing Documents toggle
When viewing the Document Request List, there is now a “Show only missing documents” toggle button which can show all the requested documents or only the missing documents. A new indicator at the top of the Document Request List reminds the client how many missing documents they have outstanding.

Open Items / Missing Items List
After marking their organizer complete, Clients will now be able to see if they have any missing documents from their Task List, so they will know if there is any information your accountant may be waiting on. You can upload additional information at any time.

“Welcome Back” Email
Returning client users will receive a “Welcome Back” email notification when you create their request and can log in using their same login credentials used last year. Your password from last year has expired, though, so click on the Forgot Password link to reset. New users will receive the “It’s Tax Time” invitation email, with a link to register their user account.

Two-way Secure Messaging – Email Notifications
When secure two-way messages are sent by the firm, the taxpayer and spouse will receive an email notification with a link to the Client Collaboration hub. To keep the message contents secure, the contents of the message are not included in the email notification. The user must log into Client Collaboration in order to retrieve or respond to the message. Client-initiated messages are sent to your accountant.

8879 eSign Process
This tax season, the 8879 eSign process is now available. After the IRS begins accepting electronically filed returns, we can send returns to you for review and electronic signature while uploading the return to the electronic filing status system.

Online Invoice Payment Settings
You will see a "Pay" link on the Billing tile in the client hub. You can click the link to submit your invoice payment.

Document Locker - Year-round Data Gathering
Document Locker allows your client to collect and share documents with the firm throughout the year. Document Locker also serves as the delivery mechanism for firm deliverable such as the final, signed 1040 tax return. Document Locker provides up to two-year retention for files. For joint filers, both the taxpayer and their spouse have full access to all files in the Document Locker.

Supported Web Browsers
The Client Collaboration taxpayer interface has been fully tested with and supports the following web browsers:

  • PCs: Latest versions of Google® Chrome™ or Microsoft® Edge (Chromium-based)
  • Macs: Latest versions of Google® Chrome™ or Apple® Safari®

If you did not receive any email from Terry Lockridge and Dunn in mid-January and would like to use Client Collaboration Hub for sharing your 2020 individual tax information with us, please send an email to cjohnson@tld-inc.com.

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