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Aug 01, 2021

The parking ramp is on 4th Avenue SE between 2nd Street SE and 3rd Street SE. (See image below). On 4th Avenue, if you are facing West (towards the river), the entrance to the ramp will be on your right.


The ramp access travels up into the parking garage with a grey and yellow signTownCentre Parking.jpg reading Town Centre Client Parking at the entrance. (See photo to the right).


At the entrance of the ramp, there is a keypad for the driver to access. Use the keypad to call our office using instructions below.


Keypad.jpgPress theArrow down.JPGkey to highlight TLD or WT on the screen and then press the green call button.JPG to call our office.

Once you have entered the garage, turn right. There will be client parking spaces before and after the skywalk entrance, all will be on your left and are marked with our company name (blue and white signs).

Proceed through the double glass doors and turn right. Our office is across form the elevators.

Note: If you choose to park on the street, please be sure to bring us your meter number. It must be a meter that says "PAY-BY-PHONE" on it for us to be bale to pay remotely.

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