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The Future of Your Firm

We believe in partnering with advisors and firms to help create their ideal futures. Through a selective process, we have acquired like-minded firms with top talent that desire to grow, address succession planning needs, obtain liquidity, and enhance the value proposition they offer their clients and their team.

Finding the best strategic and cultural match between buyer and seller is critical to the success of any transaction. At Savant, we’re committed to helping you discern your unique vision of an Ideal Future and, if we are a good fit, partnering with you to make it a reality.

Learn more about the characteristics of a partnership with Savant in our Ideal Partner fact sheet:

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Brent Brodeski Spotlight

A Different Approach

Our firm is not looking to just buy a bunch of firms and then sell them to the highest bidder in three to five years. Let’s be clear, we are not a financial buyer, nor an aggregator. We want to build the best operating company collectively and together, one that is employee-owned and employee-led and is well positioned for the future.

—Brent Brodeski, CEO of Savant Wealth Management

Savant’s Value Proposition

For active owners who are looking to alleviate their “management burden,” monetize their business, continue their career while reducing their financial risk, our Savant partnership solution provides:

What to Consider When Thinking About the Future of Your Practice

  1. Have your job responsibilities evolved into something you no longer enjoy?
  2. Do you have the time, interest, capital, and know-how to take your business to the next level?
  3. Do you have a solid plan to diversify and extract the equity you’ve worked so hard to build?
  4. Are you confident your clients will still enjoy the same level of service when you retire?

These are just a few of the nagging questions that often keep advisors awake at night – questions that are the impetus behind and focus of our What to Consider When Thinking About the Future of Your Practice whitepaper.

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Hear from Greg DeJong who decided to partner his firm Paragon Advisors with Savant

Working on checklist

Should I Partner or Sell?

The decision to remain independent vs. partnering with or selling to a larger firm is one of the most important decisions you will make for you, your family, your clients, and your team. We created a checklist to help you evaluate whether it makes sense to remain independent or alternatively partner with a larger firm.

How Do I Evaluate a Potential Partner?

If you decide to partner, there are many important considerations to evaluate which partner offers the best fit. The questions in our partnership checklist can help you evaluate the right potential partner for you, your team and your clients.